Cross Country Road Trip: Day 4

Texas is by far my favorite state that we have driven through- the first part of it at least. I love that everyone names their home “______ Ranch” and has an awesome sign for it at the end of their drive way. I saw one that said “Hidden Valley Ranch.” Great choice. 

We had decided before this road trip that we definitely wanted to camp at Enchanted Rock State Park while in Texas. It’s one of the more popular places in the state to camp and explore. In case of any mishaps, we didn’t make any reservations for any state park that we decided to stay in. Most of them allowed for walk up camping and had some open spots. We pulled into Enchanted Rock and the sign said “no-vacancy.” Oops. We went in anyways and parked. There were random tent spots open that didn’t look reserved so we set up camp. At 9pm a ranger told us we can’t camp without a reservation because everything is booked and people show up during the night. Essentially we would have to pack up everything and leave. My heart sank. He then said he was going to check one more time if anyone had cancelled. I prayed and prayed. 20 minutes later he came back with good news that they had ONE cancellation and we could take their spot. That was totally a God thing and it ended up being our favorite spot so far. 

We finally got to set up camp with some daylight! 

Hamburgers and potato salad were on the dinner menu followed by a homemdade “apple pie” over the fire- a recipe we stole from the Lowry’s. It was SO GOOD. 

As dreamy as our tent is, we got the worst night of sleep because Phoebe decided she wanted to party all night instead. Hah.

Zack made bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast and then we set out on a hike through Enchanted Rock.

The plant life was GORGEOUS and full of so many different colors. 

There were tons of beautiful butterflies and we even saw a snake along the way.

Everyone comes here to see the rock formations. They’re stunning. 

We were sad to leave Enchanted Rock, but excited for the next adventure in New Mexico. The original place we wanted to camp is supposedly closed so I think we are going to pitch a tent somewhere in Roswell. Thank you for your prayers- God is listening and surely watching over us. 


Mrs. Neelands

3 thoughts on “Cross Country Road Trip: Day 4

  1. I miss both of you so much. It is wonderful to share your love. This is a trip that you will cherish forever.
    Prayers and love for all 3 of this new family. Looking forward to the next blog


  2. OMG!!! We got married on Enchanted Rock! So glad you chose to detour there and enjoy it as much as we do. It holds a very special place in our hearts, and we visit almost every time we’re in San Antonio (staying with my parents). I have emailed Scout the link to the blog…she will love it!!! Enjoy your adventure!


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