Cross Country Road Trip: Day 3

Day 3 and Phoebe is still trying to figure out what’s the most comfortable way to travel. 

I gave her my neck pillow and she was a huge fan. Give it a try if your dog likes to look out the window, but never know how to rest their head. 

Day 3 brought some unexpected travel conditions. We hit rain for awhile, and had to drive about 14 miles of dark and windy roads through some mountains (didn’t know Arkansas had those) to get to our campsite. Our hearts sank as we passed a sign that said “Crooked and steep road for 3 miles.” Like why? Needless to say we made it alive. We stayed in Redding State Park in the Ozarks of Arkansas. 

Zack made sausage and potatoes over the fire and we shared a bottle of sparkling cider from our wedding. 

Traveling cross country and camping out with this guy has been a dream. It’s also been challenging. We have our little arguments here and there, but I’m grateful for this opportunity for us to grow closer to each other as we navigate marriage and navigate the United States.

Our campground bathrooms have been presentable. You’re never alone because there’s always a spider crawling around or a giant moth dive bombing you. We had a great night sleep, but got hammered by a thunderstorm in the middle of the night. Heavy rain and loud thunder woke us, but Phoebe was of course still passed out. Luckily, our awesome tent kept us perfectly dry and safe.

Because we have been getting in after dark, it’s been fun to wake up and look at our beautiful surroundings. The trees were gorgeous and picturesque.

We reached for iced coffee this morning and put our Mr. and Mrs. Mugs to great use. 

^My “camping shoes.”

As we were leaving, we passed a group of kids playing a game of tag as their parents cooked breakfast over the campfire. It was refreshing to see kids coming up with creative ways to spend their time outside in nature and not on an iPad or in front of a TV. It’s so hard to not get sucked into the world of technology. 

God has blessed us with such an amazing journey and safe travels thus far. Arkansas was lush, quiet and serene. Next stop: Enchanted Rock State Park in Texas. Check in again tomorrow!


Mrs. Neelands

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