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My name is Ashley.

I work full time in ministry.

Married to Zack Neelands on October 2nd, 2016

{Our Wedding Day}

Stay tuned. I’m writing a book called Tattoos, Tutus & Jesus.

This website is a journey through my life, my relationships and my writings.


Hey Sunshine

I want to invite you to receive updates from my blog. A lot is going to be happening in the next year, and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything.

Don’t worry- you won’t be bombarded with dozens of emails-
just an occasional dose of glitter and love.


Click “Receive Blog Updates”

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. OKAY, this is awesome. I am your mother in law’s cousin and I am excited to meet you two via the internet. Congratulations on your wedding and your life together. It isn’t easy, but Jesus said life wasn’t….but He helps overcome the hardships and you two will be shining lights for Him as you journey through this life. someday I might even meet you two….I hope so.


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