Cross Country Road Trip: Day 5

Remember how we didn’t have a place to stay in New Mexico? Well, Zack found this great place called Bottomless Lakes State Park in Roswell, New Mexico. I was skeptical at first, but when we drove up and saw the view, my heart melted. I’m also semi-interested in aliens. Don’t judge.

There are several of these lakes and they are sinkholes that are really beautiful and really DEEP. 

We were able to set up right on the edge of the lake with a view of the calm water and and red cliffs. 

This grainy photo doesn’t do it justice,  but the moon was AWESOME last night and insanely bright. 

The sunrise was gorgeous and the moon decided to stick around for awhile. 

The temps went from 90 to 50 degrees and a cup of hot coffee was EVERYTHING. Zack made pancakes and I was in heaven. 

Our little home for the week has been magical.

Camping is much better with a camping buddy… that’s why I got myself a husband. 

We of course couldn’t leave without our standard family photo.

Just kidding… here’s the real one 

Though most of New Mexico was very boring, I would say the Bottomless Lakes State Park was well worth the visit. Off to the Grand Canyon for our next adventure. Love you all!


Mrs. Neelands

One thought on “Cross Country Road Trip: Day 5

  1. The moon was bright, maybe it wss a UFO watching you. Lol
    The scenery was beautiful and it was great to see you enjoying it. Anxious to see the pictures from the Grand Canyon.


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