Cross Country Road Trip: Day 2

Welcome to day 2! Last night we made a last minute decision to stop in at Frozen Head State Park instead of Rock Island. Tennessee is gorgeous and a lot of the trees have changed colors already. It was quite sketchy scaling a mountain with a 16 ft moving tuck and trailer with a jeep, but with lots of back seat driving courtesy of yours truly, we made it with only a couple of minor anxiety-driven arguments. 

We set up camp and Zack made some delicious quesadillas. You would think after being in Mexico for a week that we would be over this food group. We of course couldn’t pass up some smores over the fire as well. Phoebe chose to eat some sticks instead of her dinner, but to each their own. She wasn’t sure about the tent thing and was a total pain for about an hour- barking, panting really loud, trying to dig out of our very expensive tent **eye roll. Zack scooped her up next to him and she eventually calmed down. That’s my husband though- he could calm a storm. It’s just his dimeanor. 

She eventually balled up and slept hard for the rest of the night. 

It was a perfect 50 degrees out over night and our tent set up was so cozy and so us. 

Our tent is from Poler Stuff and was the best purchase we could have made… plus it’s just so hip. It sets up like a breeze and is very spacious for a 2 person tent. We of course brought along a sign from our wedding. I’m not sure being NEWLYWEDS will EVER get old. 

It took everything we had to finally get up and get going… or just a hot cup of coffee. 

Mr. & Mrs. Neelands love their Anthropologie mugs. Thanks Erin! 

Babe also toasted some bagels for us. I of course washed all the dishes. As stated in our vows- that’s the deal. 

We had to end our stay with a family photo. Thanks Tennessee for your big trees, crisp air, and a place to sleep for $14. 

We are on to our next adventure in Ozark, Arkansas. Zack had me drive for a few hours, which was frightening. I misjudged how long our trailer is a nailed a curb at the gas station the first 60 seconds I started driving. What’s new? Lots of people keep giving us thumbs up on our “just married” car decor- someone even made a hand motion of clinking glasses for us to kiss. They’re getting really creative. I love people. Stay tuned tomorrow for another update. Love you all.

By the way, cotton fields might be as pretty as sunflower fields. I’ll let you know my verdict eventually. 


Mrs. Neelands 

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