Cross Country Road Trip: Day 1

Well, it took an army (an amazing one at that) to help us pack up our lives and send us off. 

And the best part? We had some amazing wedding cake leftover to share with everyone. Even though we were only home for 48 hours, I got to see so many amazing people I love. Bittersweet doesn’t even begin to describe this experience.

But here we are, currently driving in our giant moving truck with my jeep in tow. We decided to sell Zack’s jeep and remain a one car family for a little while. He bought a pretty sweet bike he plans on riding everywhere in California (a hobby he had put on the back burner when he got to Virginia). 

We still have our “just married” paint on my windows that my sister drew. I keep putting off cleaning it because it reminds me of her and I love having a moment to appreciate her and the brief time we had together during the wedding. Lots of cars have been honking and giving us the thumbs up. It’s as if all of America gets to celebrate with us along the way! 

And if anyone was worried, Zack’s favorite lamp got front seat in the Jeep. 

Phoebe sat on my lap for a good hour when we started our trip even though she had a perfectly good bed to lay in. 

She eventually retired to her bed…

But still dreams about sitting on my lap. 

I’m not a fan of driving a giant truck and trailer through windy mountain roads, so Zack is taking one for the team today and letting me drive the flats tomorrow when we hit Arkansas. 

We are trying to soak in the fresh greenery before we make it to California where it’s mostly just desert and beaches at this point.

It was a 10 hours of smooth sailing to Tennessee. We will be tent camping at Rock Island tonight and making dinner over a campfire. We treated ourselves to a lot of sweet camping gear before we got married and can’t wait to use it.  But seriously, wait until you see our DOPE tent. It’s unreal. Because we got a late start today, we won’t get into camp until after dark- but we are actually very experienced campers and are prepared/excited either way. Needless to say, Zack and I are both pretty exhausted and can’t wait to sleep under the Tennessee stars tonight.  

Check back in tomorrow for more updates on whether or not we survived sleeping in a tent with our crazy deaf boxer (wink wink). It’s a new adventure every day with the Neelands’. 

We love you all and appreciate your prayers during this trip.


Mrs. Neelands 
PS- we have a California Road Trip playlist going on Spotify. It’s a collaborative playlist, so I think if you are friends with me on Spotify you can add to it. Share some jams with us, or just listen in to what we are cruising to.