24 Days

24 days until we get married.

Some days I feel like I’m on top of things and some days I feel like I still have a million things to do. In the world of statistics- I read several articles that said 20% of your guests natural won’t be able to come to your wedding. Another 10% will not be able to attend if it’s on an off day or Sunday. Another 5% won’t be able to go if it’s more than 30 minutes away from where the mass of your guests live. It would appear from those “stats” that 35% of our guests would probably not be able to make it. In the beginning of our wedding planning, this made me really sad. I swallowed the thought of it and moved on. We finally got a grip on our RSVPs and were pleasantly surprised that ALL BUT 15% of our invited guest will be attending. This may not matter to anyone else, but to me it’s a huge deal. 

Not only is this occasion in celebration of our wedding, but it’s also standing in as a moving away party. It will be our last chance to really see everyone from Virginia who we love as we will only have a couple of days after our honeymoon to pack and leave. 

So from me to you… THANK YOU. We love you all. 

Enough of the mushy blabbering… how cute are these chair signs that I painted?


I’ve really been working on my calligraphy- which used to be God awful. Let me tell you, a wedding really brings our your true talents and gifts. In other words, you have no choice but to be creative and tap into your gifts unless you have an unlimited budget and can afford to have other people do it for you. 

This is one of SO MANY different projects that we have created for this special day and I simply can’t wait for you all to see. 

Also, in other great news- we have a wedding videographer named Evin Abel who will be capturing our special day {AND I’M SO STINKING EXCITED}. Her sister, Bree, is doing our photography- you know I love a family affair. 


And no you aren’t required to be insanely and utterly attractive to be part of our wedding- it just so happens that Evin, the rest of our vendors, and EVERYONE coming is gorgeous and charming from the inside out. I can’t wait have all the beauty captured on video. I’ve known Evin for awhile and whenever I speak of her all I can say is just how darn talented she is… I bow down to her gifts that I will never have. 

That’s all the wedding updates for now. Oh, my wedding dress came in and I had my first alterations appointment. I could live in that dress. **heart eyes

God is good and so is mac n cheese. 

With glitter and love, 



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