A lot on my Plate

The past 2 weeks have been rough.

Ok… “rough” isn’t even touching what it’s really been like. So much is happening. So much is changing. We are selling a house, planning a wedding, and still trying to remain sane. This isn’t a pity party, but simply a post of complete transparency and admittance that I do not have it all together. God is certainly pulling me through a time of trial and trusting, trusting that HIS will is greater than mine.

Last week I found out that my dad was in a bad motorcycle accident and could have lost his life. He was in ICU for a couple of days and they had to surgically rebuild his arm and tend to many other things as well. My first thought was a selfish thought of “can he still come to my wedding?” I circled back to God and asking that He heal my dad. I prayed tears of thankfulness that he is alive still. I prayed that God allow him to travel from California to Virginia in just a month for our wedding. 


In the midst of this worry and fear came God’s perfect timing.

 Natalie had reached out to me to have a night with her and Leslie while our guys were away camping for Zack’s bachelor party. I was told there would be guacamole and pizza. Great friends and great food- that could cheer anyone up! When I walked into Natalie’s house, I was surprised by a whole bunch of Spring Branch girls that I LOVE so much. I was in total shock that they pulled one on me. In that moment, every part of me wanted to cry. For once in my life, not a single tear could shed- partially because I had cried so much that week worrying about my Dad- and partially because I think in that moment God wanted me to 

just. feel. HAPPY.


Not only did they surprise me by spending a Friday night with me during such a sad week, but they surprised me with plates that they all hand painted for Zack and I. It was a tradition that has been carried on. Natalie and Andrew received hand-painted plates from her small group when they got married. 

This moment was everything.

I told Natalie that you will never understand the power of perfect timing until you have an insanely hard week and a group of amazing girls surprise you. God just got it. He knew how to cheer me up better than I knew myself. The rest of the night included eating way too much pizza, guac and oreos. We also played a fun game and shared laughs. I felt so loved and cared for. The plates they painted were beautiful and so special to me. I cherish gifts like this just as I cherish all of those who took the time to make us feel special. I will never forget the love that you have given to me and to Zack. 



Natalie shared pictures of the day they got together to make the plates.

It made me smile from the inside out. 

We have 30 days until we get married and I know this to be true…

God is so good. 

He is so good that he sends the most beautiful souls to lift you up when you need it. They didn’t know that night that I needed them. They just showed up. 


I found out today that my Dad will be able to travel for our wedding.

Today, I was able to forget how much is on my plate. 


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