Jessie’s Bridal Flower Crown

The other day I had the privilege to make a flower crown for a beautiful bride. I recently got to know Jessie through church. She joined our couple’s Life Group at Spring Branch and was an absolute joy. Her personality exuberates light and love.

I usually just make flower crowns for myself if I have a special event or concert I am going to, but I was up for the challenge to go



Jessie wanted baby’s breath, peonies, and roses. Baby’s breath is one of my favorites and I was SO excited to make some peony magic. Working with living flowers is always a challenge, but I always love the outcome. They smell amazing and always look stunning.


Let me just say that overalls were the way to go. It was much easier to keep track of my scissors, floral wire, floral tape, and phone.


As the bride and her gorgeous ladies got ready, I got to take over the kitchen table and go to work. That was probably one of my most memorable moments. Being that I’m getting married in less than 5 months, I took every little bit in…. the excitement, stress, joy, laughter- all of it. It made me realize that I wasn’t even close to being ready for that beautiful chaos and to appreciate the stage i’m in right now during our engagement.


If you ever make a flower crown with living flowers, always finish it off with Mario Badescu Rose Water (unless the person wearing it is allergic to roses). This is for your skin, but I also like using it on real flower crowns. It exaggerates the smell of the real flowers, and it helps keep them alive if it’s going to be worn for a few hours and/or in the heat. The baby’s breath would have lasted a week, but the peonies and roses needed some extra moisture.


An hour and a half later, I was finished! It turned out absolutely gorgeous. The hardest part was using living roses. Their stems are extremely fragile and can break off easily. I had to stick the wire through the bud of the rose to keep it attached to the crown (just in case you were to try this at home).


She seriously has the most gorgeous hair!


The first thing I said to Jessie after I put the crown on her head was,

“Oh my gosh you are a sun goddess!”

She just GLOWS like a flower child. Doesn’t she?


The rest of these pictures are by Kimberly Florence Photography!

The pictures are beautiful! I can’t even.






Thanks Jessie for letting me part of your day for a few hours!

You were a gorgeous bride and your joy was contagious.


It’s things like this that get me thinking and dreaming of what it will be like to marry my best friend- what it will be like on that day. It’s so exciting, scary and wonderful all at the same time. Until then, i’ll keep sharing these special moments with other brides and keep planning my own fairy-tale.



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