Cactus DIY for under $5


I thought I would share a quick DIY for under $5 that I’m absolutely loving! This is only relevant if I tell you the story behind it. Zack sent me to Home Depot (excuse me, WHAT) to grab plumbing rings (HUH) for another DIY project I needed help executing. If any of you know me, and know me really well, you know that I can’t comprehend Home Depot. It’s too vast.

It’s organized horribly.

And it just smells weird.

It would be like if I sent Zack in to Forever 21 and asked him to pick me up a chambray shift dress (that would be so mean). If I had it my way, everything would be organized by color. So here I am wandering the confusing aisles and I see a section filled with AMAZING succulents and cactus.

I think I actually freaked out… out loud. Everyone was staring at me.


YAASSS. You are all so PRETTY! They were each around $4.75. What a steal.

These are moon cactus’ and the plastic container is about 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches.


So I left with plumbing rings… and a cactus.

I of course had to capture this on snapchat (SC: ashuhhleyy). This was the only safe place for transporting my Moon Cactus. I accidentally grabbed my cactus instead of my water on the way home though… so “safe” is relative.

I went to target to buy a cute pot to put my new beautiful cactus friend in, but was sadly disappointed that they didn’t have hardly any options. So, I went to look at their candle holders but they were very overpriced. I was about to throw in the towel until I magically came upon my inspiration when walking past the coffee mug section. What a great idea! Of course I wasn’t going to buy one. I have around 40 coffee mugs at home and that is not an exaggeration. Zack isn’t very excited to inherit a classroom of mugs when I move in, so I figured I would lower that number. I was very proud of myself because I did not seek Pinterest inspo for this. I’m scared to search it and find out I’m not original.


Ironically, I got this coffee mug from Target 2-3 years ago.



If this lady cactus doesn’t make you think of summer

or popsicles

or bright bikinis

then I’m sorry. I have failed you.


My moon cactus needs to live inside, in filtered light, and watered when the soil gets very dry (every 2 weeks usually). How EASY is that? If you can’t keep a cactus alive you should never get a puppy or have children. Just saying.  Same goes for a succulent.

This is not the most DIY-est of DIYs that exists, but Home Depot was selling potted cactus’ and succulents for around $25, which is bogus when you can create something unique for way cheaper. Use a mug, bowl, or cup that has meaning or a story!


I’ll probably keep this little lady next to my bed by the window. It’s the little bit of happy that I need when I first wake up. With a handle, it’s easy to move in case I change my mind. It would also look great on a shelf (if you have children), coffee table or basically anywhere else.

Heck, throw a cactus party all over your house!


I hope you all enjoyed my fun little DIY decor!

Now, go out to Home Depot and rescue those cactus and succulents.



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