A Crowning Moment 

Today I had the pleasure of making a flower crown for the beautiful mom to be, Julie as she was showered with love for her new baby! I also decided my side business probably needs a name eventually. From that thought, “A Crowning Moment” came to life.

Before church this morning, I picked up a bundle of baby’s breath from Fresh Market and stopped in at my favorite Starbucks to put together a simple yet timeless crown. I sat by an old man whom I carried on the sweetest conversation with the entire time I was making the crown. God loves throwing in little blessings like that.

I love that Julie chose real baby’s breath. Other than the fact that it’s the softest and most delicate flower, it also has a beautiful meaning.

Baby’s breath represents

everlasting love,


and innocence.

It was the perfect flower for Julie’s baby shower as she celebrates the welcoming of baby Ari.

She also has the sweetest mother in law, Karen Ulsh, who helped coordinate this beautiful celebration! What’s great about a real flower crown is that it’s easy to preserve and keep as you remember a special day in your life. Moms to be, these look beautiful hung on the wall in your nursery.

Thank you for letting me be a little part of your special day. May God bless you and your growing family and give you a handsome, healthy baby boy!



P.S. Feel free to comment or message me for pricing and info. I can customize any crown and deliver on site.

4 thoughts on “A Crowning Moment 

  1. Hi Ashley,

    You did an absolutely beautiful job in that crown! I wore it all day long. Did not want to take it off. It smelled beautifully and made me feel extra special. We have already hung it in Ari’s bedroom wall. Thank you so much for making this precious treat for us. You are very talented!

    Much love,
    Julie and Robbie 🙂

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