Summer Must Haves


Y’all already know that SoCal doesn’t really have seasons, and the rest of the country seems to be skipping from winter to summer(poor spring)- so I thought- it’s time to gear up for my most favorite time of year…




I don’t at all want to push consumerism or the idea that you “need” things… but if you see something in this post you really like and feel like it might add purpose or value to your lifestyle- then by all means GO for it!


  1. Everyone needs to start summer with a good book– or a few. Be intentional and slow things down. Last summer I read Wild & Free and it was one of my favorite summer reads. I posted a blurb from it on my instagram story and SO many people resonated with it.
  2. Make sure you have a cute & simple necklace that will go with anything casual or dressed up. I made this one myself at Hume Lake. It says “Salty.” Here’s a similar one.
  3. I like to have a stand out lip color in the summer. This Balmain lipstick is a pretty burnt orange that will look so BOMB with a summer glow. The color is “Fever.”
  4. Most of the time I play it safe with my lip colors(see my nude lipstick blog post)- this summer I’m going to be reaching for Bronze Envy by Flower Beauty. One end is a matte lipstick and the other is a metallic topper. It’s STUNNING. AHHH!
  5. If you are married and do a lot of outdoor activities like surfing, mountain biking, gardening or playing with kids- be sure you have a Qalo ring. You wear it instead of your actual wedding ring as a symbol that you are in a committed relationship, but it’s durable for any activity.colorunnamed-8collage 1.jpg

    The world around us has so much COLOR. For that reason, I’ve been wearing more neutrals and mixing my black and whites. It’s so classy, simple and chic. These slides will pretty much go with ALL of my summer outfits. I’m wearing the Lis Peter Grimm hat. BIG hats in the summer keep my face pretty and my bad hair days on lock.


6. These DV slides from Target have an adjustable velcro closure and make a major statement. I actually snagged these with tags for $7 from the thrift store this week. Target will dump excess inventory at local thrift stores like Goodwill and you can sometimes find great steals.

7. You know I had to throw a La Croix in there. Preferably peach-pear or lime. Ever since I started drinking La Croix I don’t drink any other sodas and way less coffee. They are super refreshing and perfect for a beach day. I usually snag them from the Grocery Outlet.

8. I need giant sunglasses… to block out the haters. But also to keep my migraines at bay as they can be triggered by light. These Quay Cafe Racers are perfect and I love the gray. It’s really unique.

9. EVERYONE needs flattering swimwear that makes you feel confident. As you get older you learn to dress for your body and for your activities. If you’re more active at the beach- whether it’s water sports or chasing your kids around, Iaera is for YOU. These reversible bottoms that show just the right amount of cheek have not been released online yet(though you can snag them at pop up events), but their tops are also golden. I’m all about sun protection and keeping it classy. Iaera’s tops are all of the above.


10. I’ve always talked about this ride or die product- my Tarte Pearly Girl Vegan Teeth Whitening Pen. It’s a long name that packs a lot of power. Make sure you have some sparkly white teeth to go with that summer glow. I keep mine in my purse and use it once a day.

11. The Trader Joe’s Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Mask is just $3.99 and it totally rocks. I use it once a week and notice that my hair is smoother and softer.

12. I’ve talked about these avocado wipes a lot in my instagram stories. Wowzers. They leave my skin so hydrated and clean. I keep a pack in my beach bag to wipe any sweat, sunscreen or makeup away.

13. This Cocokind Matcha Stick was recommended to me by the Salty Spoon. Check out her blog! I use this under my eyes every morning and at the beach when my skin is really dry. It’s AMAZE. If you use Thrive market, you can find it for a good deal.

14. Make sure you have some good jams. I love the soundtrack to 180 Degrees South. It’s perfect for summer days. We bought it on vinyl because we loved it so much. It’s also on Spotify.


15. Last but not least, you need to have somewhere to put all of your beach necessities. This Plum + Sparrow bag is all time. It holds EVERYTHING and has such a simple look.

16. This bag was gifted to me from a friend, but you can find it HERE as well. It’s the cutest beach tote and not as big as the bag above, but still gives off all the summer vibes.


One of the things I purposely didn’t mention was sunscreen. People have so many different preferences and I’ve also written a post dedicated to the conversation with my favorites.

I hope you found a couple of fun things to snag for the summer. Also, I love reading your comments- feel free to let me know your must haves. As always- share away if you loved what you read.




One thought on “Summer Must Haves

  1. Ashley, I love your blogs! But, you should get paid from the products you recommend. I don’t even read these blogs without my credit card♥️


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