Top 10 Nude Lipsticks: Drugstore to High End


So I know not everyone cares about makeup- and that’s totally OK.

But I really think everyone needs a GREAT nude lip color that can be worn on any given day. It just spices up your life. Can you tell I’m a 90s baby?

10 lipsticks may seem like overkill, but I wanted to make sure every price point was represented- not everyone can/wants to fork out a ton for a lipstick- and some would rather hop on Sephora or Nordstroms and drop the dough.

I put these in price order from low to high. Note that a lot of swatches look the same because they’re all nude lipsticks and the bigger difference can be seen on the lips in person- but some people love swatches so I thought- why not?

1.Wet N Wild MegaLast Lip Color in the shade Bare it All | $1.99

Perfect matte nude for the PERFECT price. You really can’t beat it. Doesn’t leave me dry and actually has really awesome color pay off for being a drugstore product- the proof is in the swatch. I would say this also looks great on all skin tones. I just love that it’s not an aggressive color- you could wear it every day. The packaging isn’t anything special… but I’m not going to complain.


2.Milani Color Statement Lipstick in the shade Matte Beauty | $4.39

This formula is more of a suede finish and it’s pretty long-lasting. I would say it’s more of a brown nude which can be really flattering. I get a lot of DMs when I wear this in my Instagram stories- it just stands out in such a natural way! I love the chic gold packaging.


3.NYX Lip Lingerie in the shade Ruffle Trim | $6.99

This liquid lipstick dries matte- but I will say that it’s the only drugstore liquid lipstick that doesn’t leave my lips DRY. AMEN. It’s not as long lasting as higher end liquid lip products- but it’s close!


4. Burts Bees Lipstick in the shade Suede Splash | $8.99

This might seem exaggerated, but this is one of my absolute favorite lip colors of all time. I’m currently on my 3rd tube- no shame. It feels like butter on your lips and this color will look amazing on ANY skin tone. I’ve got several people HOOKED on this- but I will say that they rarely have this color in stock in store(because it’s the best). It promises 8 hours of moisture and it delivers. Everything on my body is SO dry in California, but this stands the test of time.


5.Tarte Creamy Matte Lip Paint in the shade Birthday Suit | $20

You will see 2 Tarte products in this lineup because it’s a beauty line that takes pride in being vegan and clean ingredient products. This lip paint goes on in a mousse texture and feels like a velvet matte when it dries. I actually received this as a birthday gift for being a Sephora member and was OBSESSED. I receive a lot of compliments in person on this product as it just looks SO dreamy on your lips. This will NOT dry you out. It does transfer a little when I drink my coffee but it’s technically only promised as “long wearing”… instead of “non-transfer.”


6.Tarte Color Splash Hydrating Lipstick in the shade Margs | $21

I actually got this color in a travel size that was part of the Mermaid Kisses Lipstick Set($19)- linked HERE. Their full size colors are AMAZING as well… I would suggest the color Salt Lyfe in full size. It feels so good on your lips and the packaging is one of favorite with the marbled effect. Tarte is a cruelty free company and this specific lipstick is from the Rainforest of the Sea collection that ensures ingredients that are GOOD for your skin.


7. Milk Makeup Lip Color in the shade C.R.E.A.M. | $22

This is another lip color that I wear at least 3 times a week and I’m currently on my 2nd tube(almost ready for my 3rd). I discovered it via one of my birchbox’s. I have my mom and sister hooked on this shade. The formula is so creamy and the color is a perfect nude mauve. It just feels like it melts into your lips. This one is top 3 all time. Ok, I should stop.


8.Smashbox Be Legendary Triple Tone Lipstick in the shade Nude Ombre | $24

I know the price tag may seem steep but… WOW. My sister tipped me off to this lipstick and it’s stunning. It gives your lips depth and dimension, which makes them look bigger- no joke. I’m not very good with lip-liners(too stressful) but this gives your lip a natural shadow/line so you don’t have to figure it out yourself. Here’s a review video that convinced me to buy it(and she shows you how to apply it at 3:20).


9.Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Stepping Out | $24

Yes, another Smashbox product- but this is GOOOOD. I’m deeming it the absolute greatest liquid lipstick. It will literally not transfer AT ALL. I can kiss Zack on the cheek and you won’t see a thing. Stays on all day and my lips never feel dry. I wore this under my Tom Ford lipstick on my wedding day as a darker nude. This would be great for tan/darker skin tones as you won’t get washed out. It’s stunning! I want/need this formula in every color.


10.Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in the shade First Time | $54

Tom Ford is SUPER pigmented and the finish is so beautiful. I bought this for our wedding. I wanted something I could hold onto and be reminded of our special day- so I tried this on in a Bloomingdales and was able to pick the perfect color(it’s more of a peachy nude that looks better with a tan/glow). The formula is SO comfortable on your lips. Yes… it’s super pricey- but it was worth it for me. The packaging is very sleek, heavy and expensive. I love it.




Ok. There it is! My top 10.

Here are some mentions…

Most comfortable on the lips: Burts Bees & Tom Ford

Longest Lasting: Smashbox Always on

Will always repurchase: MILK Makeup

Most Compliments: Tarte Creamy Lip Paint

Best bang for your buck: Milani


Hope this was fun for you all- and helpful. I had fun doing this and hope to share more beauty finds/picks for you in the future! Feel free to comment with your favorite nude lipsticks as I love trying new things when I can.

Just remember- be yourself- whatever that is.





2 thoughts on “Top 10 Nude Lipsticks: Drugstore to High End

  1. GIRL I’ve been waiting for this post since you told me you were working on it! I definitely have the suede splash and now have a list I can try out when I feel like being a girl haha 🙂


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