Holy Hawaiian Grilled Cheese

Zack and I decided to take a crack at a Hawaiian grilled cheese sandwich. We are both huge fans of the classic grilled cheese, but knew we wanted more. Our inspiration of course came from the Grilled Cheese Kitchen cookbook we received from the Lizottes (thank you guys). It was the only wedding gift Zack would let me use (ugh). The world knows I’m no cook, but this was a great start. 


Here’s the recipe as it appears in the cook book. We followed it exactly expect we didn’t use tomatoes(i’m not a fan). It was a fairly simple ingredient list and cost about $20. We noticed our ingredients would really work for another meal. So, I would say it was a $10 meal for two. NOT BAD!


The fontina cheese was the most expensive at $5 for a little chunk, but it was very worth it.  The Hawaiian bread was so yummy and perfect for this meal. We splurged and got ham from the deli counter.


My mouth was watering. Note: you need to bake the pineapple for 12 minutes. It’s worth it. Don’t underestimate this step.


Phoebe’s mouth was watering too. Thanks to Noelle Smith for this adorable Kate Spade apron. It made me feel so PROFESSIONAL.


I mean COME ON. Look at that. It was hands down the best grilled cheese I have ever had… and there’s still a million more recipes for us to take a crack at. Yes, I know- it’s not that healthy. But, balance is everything. I eat like rabbit throughout the week so I can eat this delicious grilled cheese on the weekend.


Zack was thoroughly impressed.

I give this recipe a 5/5 for deliciousness and a 5/5 for easiness.

Get out there and make some YUM.