2018 Favorites

Hey folks!

Another year has gone and passed (that went quick- what the HEYYCKK)! I thought I would compile a list of my stand out favorites from the year that I keep coming back to, probably can’t live without and just think you need to know about them. ALL items are linked

I can’t speak highly enough of the Cocokind brand– with insane ingredients and innovative products… you will want EVERYTHING. So, I started slow and only got addicted to 2 of their products. I use the turmeric stick for acne and matcha for under my eyes and on my lips. Every. Single. Day. You can snag them on their website or at your local Whole Foods.

Some of you know I’m currently doing a 30 day trial of being vegan (currently on day 21-wooohoooooo). This dessert has kept me SANE and it’s completely guilt free. One of them lasts me a couple of weeks!

I received this book as a gift and WOW. It has encouraged SO much when it comes to living an authentic and inclusive life- and more importantly a life that echoes the way that Jesus lived and loved others. It will rock your socks, and maybe even make you feel a little uncomfortable- but the discomfort is where we grow!

Trader Joes strikes again. I’m already hooked on their hair treatment… and now the body butter! It smells so good and doesn’t leave you greasy. I love that it’s in an easy to open tub. I’ve been using it since summer and can’t imagine it not being part of my daily routine. Must have.

I know not all of my followers care about makeup (probably the really pretty ones with genetically perfect skin- hahaha). But I know a lot of you DO care and let me tell you about this little face palette. It’s by the brand Catrice and it’s called “California in a Box” … and that’s just what it is. It comes with 2 bronzers and 2 blushes that will fit any skin tone. The highlighter is literally perfect- not too crazy and sits on the skin so beautifully. I’ve been using it EVERY day. Snag it at Ulta and use their $3.50 off coupon… and it’s yours for $12!

Y’all know I’ve been RAVING about these blue light blocker glasses. Holy guacamole. I told myself it was a fad that I wasn’t going to fall for and then BAM. I tried them and I get it. I’m on my laptop and phone SO much for my job which leaves my eyes sore, tired, strained, red and blurry. Blue lights from our devices are also PROVEN to lessen the quality of our sleep. I wore these for one full day and noticed a DRAMATIC difference. Oh… and the exact ones are linked and only $15. Happy New Year.

Skincare. I can’t talk about it enough haha. And I can’t stop finding brands I love gosh darn it. I have FALLEN for this brand, Advanced Clinicals. I use their Retinol and Coconut oil at night. I use their Collagen and Vitamin C oil in the morning. Getting old sucks- but if you can’t beat em’, join em’!

And on the 8th day, God made Bitchin Sauce (excuse my French). This company is based out of Carlsbad, California… and it’s vegan- HOLLA! You can pretty much dip anything in this and it will make it taste 10x better. Snag it at your local Whole Foods. I’m addicted. The Chili Lime flavor is also bomb.

Athletic wear is a realllll touchy subject for me. I love Lululemon… but I don’t love what it does to my bank account. Then came along MPG and I was like SAY WHAT?! Their stuff is so good and such great quality. They also have the best athleisure options if you’re feeling lazy (like me most of the time).

Hiiiii. Sorry for all the vegan options. Ripple chocolate milk is the REAL MVP. So creamy. Lot’s of protein. Just go buy it.

I wrote an entire blog post dedicated to this skin tool because it’s the greatest thing on the planet. Meet my Michael Todd Sonicsmooth. It removes the dead skin(like you can SEE the dead skin coming off your face) and peach fuzz in the most gently and easy way. My skin feels so smooth and my makeup applies 10x better. It also allows your skincare products to penetrate deeper. I know the price seems steep, but it’s BEYOND worth it.

And I found another dry shampoo I’m obsessed with. Shocker. Love Beauty and Planet makes the most amazing dry shampoos. I’m on my 3rd bottle. It smells wonderful and works like a dream. I grab mine from CVS.

My sister came to visit this summer and brought her Bed Head wand. She let me try it and my jaw DROPPED. And then I went and bought my own. It gives you the most perfect beach waves (and it’s so affordable).

Catch me floating in my avocado pool float all summer. How cute is this? You don’t need it but you know you want it. Pit included (see link).

If you can’t tell, I’ve been pushing the slipper-chic trend for quite awhile now. For those who follow along in my instagram stories, you understand and hopefully support the movement. Dearfoams are my current must-have and allow me to live my best life.

Last but not LEAST… my absolute most worn item of 2018- my sherpa fleece. I probably wear this every single morning. It’s the most comfortable piece of clothing I own and the most popular when it comes to Instagram DMs. It’s kinda pricey but I found it on sale at Marshall’s.

I obviously could have picked 100 other things to add to this list but it’s time to go celebrate a brand NEW year heading our way… and watch the Taylor Swift Netflix special.

Love you all, mean it!