The Hat: Your Greatest Accessory

If you’re new around here… welcome (virtual hug)! If you aren’t… you’re probably used to seeing me wear a hat in person and in almost every one of my pictures. I hope it isn’t boring yet. Based on all the messages and sweet comments I get- my guess would be it isn’t! And that makes this hat-wearing lady very happy. I’m here to convince you that a hat can be your new favorite accessory.

I’ve been wearing fashion hats (lots of them) for many years now. I have 2 walls worth of hats that I adore and wear on a regular basis. They’re great for…

  • In between hair wash days (that’s usually why I wear mine)
  • Cover my sleepy face. Just add some sunglasses and no one would know you got no sleep.
  • Add some character and uniqueness to an outfit
  • Block out the sun… duh!

Many people tell me that they could never wear hats like I do. And though I’m always flattered by those compliments- I’m also not sure I agree. I fully believe that anyone can pull off a hat. It doesn’t matter your face shape, what kind of clothes you have etc. Trust me. You can do it. The only thing you really need to pull off a hat is confidence. It takes a certain attitude… like walking in a room and commanding it. I was always taught to walk in confidence and to believe in myself. My mom was always correcting my posture and reminding me of my true value (thanks mom)!

Start there, and you will be wearing a hat everywhere you go. Most days I rock my hats with sweatpants and no makeup. So… YOU can can totally do this 😉 Grab you sweatpants, a graphic tee, jean jacket and your hat.

As the years have gone by I’ve definitely been more into flat/firm brim hats. They just put some pep in my step and give me the edginess I need sometimes. People always ask where I get my hats from and I honestly get them from everywhere: I have 2 from Target, 3 from random boutiques, 1 from Brixton and 3 from Peter Grimm. All of my others ones I literally have no idea where I got them from haha. But, Peter Grimm makes my absolute favorite hats. They are made so WELL and have an affordable price tag compared to competitors like Gigi Pip, Lack of Color, and Brixton. They also have sales fairly often.

I’ve made a few mood boards to hopefully spark your creativity when it comes to wearing hats and how to wear them with different outfits and hairstyles. I’m a visual person and always look for inspiration with pictures… which is why Pinterest is my jam 😉

Also, having your hats hung around your house really adds some cozy character to your home decor. People literally freak out when they see my hats and how I display them. It’s just so fun! My husband would prefer I don’t put holes in our walls everywhere, so you can snag these cute wooden adhesives to hang your hats. They’re super cheap!

You can literally rock a hat with anything: leather jacket, sweater, flannel, tshirt, dresses, athleisure, bathing suits. You name it.

On social media I’m deemed the ambassador for avocados, surfing, and a good hat. But what I would really just love is for people to learn to love themselves a little more- to trust in their abilities- to pursue their passions- and to step outside their comfort zones. I hope this inspired you to snag a hat and spice up your life. Don’t be afraid to be different or try something new. Sometimes, it can bring out the best in you… and maybe even the confidence you’ve been searching for.