Thrifting is like a hobby or a sport for me- I know that seems exaggerated. I have found some AMAZING things at the thrift store and have picked up some helpful tricks along the way(they are scattered throughout this post).

A LOT of it depends on where you live. I have found much more living in Orange County than in Virginia- not to offend- people just happen to get rid of really awesome stuff here.

If you live in or near Orange County, my top 3 fav spots to hit are the Goodwill on El Toro Rd., Ticktocker Thrift Shop in Costa Mesa, and Crossroads Trading Co. in Costa Mesa. I avoid any Salvation Army stores as I find them to be extremely overpriced.


I thrifted this entire outfit down to the shoes for $18.

The top is some fancy brand that I looked up online. It has the most beautiful sleeves and cinches at the waist in the most flattering way. The pants are a light-wash crop denim flair by Gap and I’m obsessed. They fit like a glove. The slip on sandals still had tags on them when I found them on the shelf at the thrift store. So cute and will go with pretty much all of my summer outfits.


One of the benefits of thrifting- other than saving a ton of money- is that you aren’t creating more trash. Stores like Forever 21 only put out trendy clothes- stuff you might wear for a year- and then throw in your trash (or hopefully donate). When people throw clothes away, it all goes to landfills and for the most part- that clothing does not biodegrade. Our landfills are overflowing with clothes and can’t handle the burden that humans are creating. I watched a super awesome documentary that talked about this. It’s another reason why I am trying to shop brands that are also ethically made.

Ok, I’m off my soap box. Back to the topic at hand…


TheseĀ  days when I thrift, I’m looking for more timeless options. I tend to hang onto those longer. On a few occasions I’ve purchased something more trendy if it was a high end brand. But take my advice…

TIP: Shop simple/timeless or you will end up donating it back later.



I thrifted everything in this picture for $10.

My favorite finds at the thrift store have been housewares. I used the seashell and pineapple to hold jewelry. The lemon bowls I use for our taco bar when we have friends over. That basket is my FAV- I love how rich the color is. Baskets can be used for plants, towels, blankets- you name it. I play that Hawaiian vinyl on our record player at least once a week. It’s so peaceful.

TIP: The Goodwill I go to does half off a certain sticker color each week- for the entire week. Look for things with the discount sticker color!

That’s how I’m usually able to get such good deals. They even do it for their furniture items. This is why I typically just shop at Goodwill.


I also thrifted this free people top and lucky brand pants for around $8. Score!

There are a few brands in particular that I really love including Free People, Wildfox, and most surf brands. I also like anything Target- which there is a LOT of at thrift stores.

TIP: When looking for clothes through racks, you can usually tell by the material if it’s “your style.” Don’t feel like you need to touch and move every single piece of clothing. Just walk the aisles and examine the sleeves or denim washes to pick out what suits you.

It’s a lot more time effective and you get REALLY good at it. I can pick a Free People top from a mile away because I recognize the fabric or style to which they use. Same with Lululemon.


When it comes to thrifting shoes I don’t have a lot of advice. I usually only thrift shoes that have tags still or look practically brand new because I don’t want to be grossed out.

I thrifted these high-top vans which was the greatest score ever. I’ve also thrifted a pair of Jeffrey Campbell x Free People mules.

TIP: Just make sure you try them on in store and that nothing is defective like buckles, laces etc.


The bags/purses section can be a hit or a miss. I once found this brand new Lululemon gym bag with tags and resold it on poshmark for $50 because I already had a Lulu gym bag and for sure didn’t need another one. I’m not sure if that’s messed up of me to do- but… it’s too late now.


This palm leaf Plum + Sparrow bag was $5… usually $40 on their website. I use it for beach days, picnics, and weekend trips. It was not it the bag/purse section- but rather in the luggage section, which I don’t usually go to.

TIP: Make sure you walk every aisle. Some things aren’t where they should be. And sometimes people will put things down/ditch them if they don’t want it.



TIP: Always always always disinfect or bleach anything you get from the thrift store.

Hope this inspires you to get out there and find some treasures of your own. If you already have, what’s the coolest thing you have found at the thrift store?