Trestles: Lady in Red

Well, after living in California for almost a year… and only surfing for 10 months (3 of those months on a short board), I FINALLY surfed Trestles. Luckily, I got to take some baby steps because it was a fairly small day- AYO where’s the swell?! In case you don’t know what Trestles is, it’s actually one of the best surf spots in California- and ranked 3rd in the world- which means it’s always good and it’s always crowded. You also have to make a long hike in to surf there.



Since I began surfing I’ve been super attracted to the fashion and self expression aspect of my new hobby. So many different companies are killing it when it comes to design and comfort-especially with neoprene, which isn’t easy. Being in California, there are still lots of months where I don’t need anything heavy, but I’m still wanting to express my artsy side that is full of color and fun patterns.

Then walked in… Iaera Surf.


In our garage we have a few racks on the wall with tons of gear… full suits, spring suits, wetsuit jackets, pants and lots of rashies for me. Zack keeps asking me why I need so many options, and I keep reminding him that he married a woman who likes to stand out from the crowd. It makes me feel strong and reminds me that God made me unique for a reason.



I mean, look at my surfboard. Being myself means being different than the rest, and being different is too much fun… it’s also more affordable- this Gorilla track pad was the only one on sale. I guess not too many people wanted a potted cactus on their board.



I learned that being like everyone else is the road most traveled– the road where you can pretend to surf/be adventurous, take a booty pic and hashtag “wanderlust”- then move on with your day. I’ve also learned the the road less traveled is way more original and tells a greater story- a story of goals & aspirations- a story of struggle- a story of real community- and a story of pure JOY. It also means I brush my hair way less now, and I’m ok with it… I gotta be, right?



I love the story that Iaera surf is deciding to tell. All of their pieces are handmade in San Diego, and with lots of love. It’s for the ladies out there who grab life by the horns and get after it- in the ocean, on land, and in their daily lives.  I couldn’t get over how comfortable this top was… and the colors and prints are SO DREAMY. I really can’t wait to show you guys all of their other beautiful & wonderfully unique pieces.








I went out with 5 other dudes, one of them being my husband- and it was too much fun. They’re the kind of guys I wish were always out in the ocean because they’re just there to have fun and they are generous in sharing waves- unlike a lot of dudes… but that’s a story for another campfire.










The swell was small that day and Uppers was really the only place breaking. The only sketchy part is that you’re pretty much taking off on waves over the rocks/reef the entire time. If there were ever a time that I didn’t want to fall…. it was THAT day.




That day, I was the lady in red… and to be honest, it gave me a lot of confidence going to a spot that every pro surfer in the world has surfed. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of different.


Thanks to my husband for helping capture the magical day. You’re just too handsome.


I paired my Tani Rash Guard with some comfy Kendall & Kylie bottoms that hold all the luggage in. If you know, you know.


I love you long time.


Until next time San Clemente…


p.s.- Watch the highlight video from our day HERE.

Don’t forget to check out Iaera Surf‘s dreamy website.


One thought on “Trestles: Lady in Red

  1. I love seeing you and Zack enjoying your favorite time surfing. Your pictures are always a joy. Keep them coming, and keep those smiles.


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