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Zack and I are super fortunate to live 15-20 minutes from Laguna Beach- it’s technically the closest beach to where we live- we just don’t love to surf there. What makes Laguna spectacular is that it’s not one long beach- it’s dozens of little coves  along cliffs which make for a beautiful scene. Essentially, we find ourselves in Laguna Beach often for the views, adventures, food, and shopping.






The water is a special kind of blue in Laguna and lot’s of pretty green plants and moss line the cliffs. There are also lots of tide pools and other cool things to explore.



There are a couple of beaches in Laguna that allow for fires on the sand, you just need to be there really early to reserve one as you can’t do that ahead of time. We have had a couple fires on the beach since we moved here and it’s just so PRETTY… and I really love enjoying a yummy s’more (or 5) while looking at the ocean.





There’s also a structure that looks like a little stone castle that sits in one of the coves off of Victoria Dr. When we went to see it, a guy was proposing to his girlfriend at sunset. It was pretty magical!


Though Laguna is a rich beach town, it will also surprise you with the amount of succulents and cactus- the small town feel- and it’s also VERY artsy fartsy.





As I said earlier, the shopping in Laguna is really amazing.


Poler Stuff has to be one of the coolest shops in Laguna and is a brand that Zack and I are pretty loyal to when it comes to camping. A lot of our equipment including our tent was used as we camped across America. You HAVE to check out their shop if you are in town!


Another cool shop- specifically for the ladies- that I love is Blue Eyed Girl. They have a good range of affordable and designer clothing.


I scored a pair of One Teaspoon Jeans at their shop for $44... originally $147!

Other awesome shops:

The Shop Laguna


Laguna Exchange


Some great Mexican food with a view is Coyote Grill. It’s our fav!


Urth Caffe is amazing as well! If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can always stop by Jack n the Box on PCH.

Also, if you don’t love the beach, you can hike or drive to “The Top of the World.” The views are killer in ALL directions!


If you are ever in Southern California, make sure to spend some time in Laguna! Zack and I would love to adventure with you.




2 thoughts on “Visit Laguna Beach

  1. The pictures are awesome! It is amazing how you two have adapted and changed. Your faces show genuine happiness. And I am very happy for both of you. Thanks for sharing!


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