New Year – More Tacos


I have a really hard time with New Years Resolutions. Luckily, 99% of the world feels the same way. I’m almost positive I didn’t even make a New Years resolution last year. Slacker- I know.

I think the problem is we all take things so seriously. We have this pressure on us to perform 24 hours a day, get good grades, have perfect bodies, make Pinterest-worthy meals, have the newest toys etc. It’s really just ridiculous. No wonder our resolutions fall through the cracks.

Maybe if we made resolutions that couldn’t be measured- resolutions that were more light-hearted, then our actions wouldn’t feel like pressured performances. 


It seems like most people GLADLY want to leave 2016 behind. I can’t say I feel the same. 2016 has been pretty awesome considering I got married to a totally awesome dude, moved to one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been, and started a really RAD job at a healthy and thriving church. But, I know that some people lost family members, lost jobs, really hate how the elections turned out, and are just really OVER this year. I totally get it.

Even if it seems the world around us isn’t accomplishing a lot, we ourselves can move mountains- or at least big hills. The actual definition of a “resolution” is to make a formal intention. So let’s make some light-hearted intentions.


1.  I want to be mindful to eat fresh veggies every day, but also indulge in my favorite past time- the taco– when necessary. And I won’t regret it. No one needs that negativity.

2. I hate when people judge me, but I also catch myself judging others sometimes- especially through social media. Ugh, like STOP. If I don’t agree with what people are saying or posting, I just need to distance myself instead of judging. Each person has their own way of doing things and living their lives- I can’t judge someone because they do things differently than I do. Ya know?

3. Love myself MORE. Society and social media has a sneaky way of making me feel like I’m not pretty enough, smart enough and good enough. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does- it really gets to me. I want to focus more on celebrating how God made me-

flaws and all


And that’s it folks. I’m not vowing to lose 15 pounds, promising myself a promotion or deleting all of my social media accounts because the rest of the world sucks.

I simply want to have a better attitude and appreciate the little things. Something tells me that if we focus on this- our little intentions can turn into huge accomplishments.

OK. It’s your turn.

Focus on a few light-hearted intentions and see where 2017 will take you!



P.S. feel free to share some of your resolutions in the comments

One thought on “New Year – More Tacos

  1. Staying away from negative individuals is one of my resolutions. Staying healthy and taking better care of myself will be very important. But, I am positive I still miss both of you vrry much. I will stick with fish tacos.

    Love to both of you.

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