With family and friends all over the country, I have had a few people ask me how I could choose who will be my bridesmaids. If I could, I would have 30 bridesmaids. But the reality is that it came down to 5 amazing girls that I knew had to be by my side on the day of my wedding. This post is to honor those 5 girls and give them the attention they deserve.


My maid of honor is none other than my gorgeous sister. How fierce is she? She also happens to be one of the funniest people I know. Apparently her confetti push pop malfunctioned, but I think it was user error. I can only say that because shes my sister and I know she probably won’t read this. WINK WINK. She lives in Florida and is enrolled in a Radiography program(hope I got that right). Growing up we had our struggles as most sisters do who are within 2 years of age of each other. She has matured in so many ways and is so focused on her future. It’s hard to believe she’s my little sister. Even though we hardly get to see each other, I am always refreshed by our phone calls, texts, and our random snap chats. I can’t wait for her to bring some humor to a surely emotional day in my life and of course to stand by my side as my sister, soul mate, and maid of honor.

Love you so much Hayley!

matron of honor

My matron of honor is the always classy Noelle Rogers Smith. She is happily married to the most humble athlete, Ben Smith. I met Noelle awhile ago after joining CrossFit Krypton. She was someone I gravitated towards and is the kind of person who will always make you feel appreciated. I most of all looked up to her relationship she has with her husband and the morals and values they share as a couple. Not very many people get it right, but they are two people who do. Of utmost importance- girl knows how to have fun, and that is an absolute MUST on my wedding day. I watched her go from Rogers to Smith and it was the most exciting time. I can’t wait for her to be part of my day as I go from Gillies to Neelands.

P.S. Sorry to her neighbors for all the confetti that flew into their driveway.

jr bridesmaid

My Junior Bridesmaid is my absolutely stunning/way less awkward than I was in middle school- cousin, Alexis! I remember when she was just a little girl and thinking, “I can’t until she’s old enough to go shopping with me and talk about boys and _______(insert favorite girl band at the time). Now shes a teenager and I’m proud to say that we are both equally obsessed with Taylor Swift. My dreams have come true. She will be traveling all the way from Florida(and probably having to skip a day of school. oops!) with her hot mama. I’m so grateful they are taking the trip to be with me on my wedding day. I couldn’t say “I do” without her there!

bridesmaid megan

Everyone meet Megan Fenton. Most of the world knows her so I don’t feel like she needs an introduction. I truly think anytime we go somewhere, someone there knows Megan Fenton. I have known her for a long time and could tell you a hundred reasons why she’s amazing. We have led small groups together, vacationed together, and are both best friends with Taylor Swift. I use the term “best friends” loosely. She’s absolutely the easiest person to talk to and is the greatest friend to so many people. Most of all, she is so spiritually supportive of my journey and I know I can always talk to her about my struggles and triumphs. She’s away at grad school being awesome, but has agreed to come back for my wedding to be my Bridesmaid. Thank goodness! Love you Megan!

bridesmaid nicole.jpg

Last but certainly not least is my future sister in law Nicole Neelands. I met Nicole for the first time when Zack and I flew to California in Dec/Jan of this year. I was so nervous to meet her as I know a lot of older sisters definitely have tough standards. I was overly-relieved when I realized that she was so easy going and absolutely hilarious. We only got to see her a couple of times, but both those times she had me belly laughing so hard. It was then that I realized that she was a lot like my sister, and that’s when I knew that she would make an amazing sister in law. I’m so honored to be welcomed into her family and so grateful that she will be flying from California to be in our wedding!

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know my ladies a lot better.

If I could make my mom a bridesmaid I would, but she will have to remain the

“Mother of the Bride.” LOVE YOU MOM.







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