Clothe + Arrow: Love is in the air with cropped flares

It’s almost February and love is in the air. Right now, I’m loving comfy tees and jeans- and anything that can hide a bad hair day. Ha! I was literally sick for the entire month of January, which isn’t helpful when you’re busy chasing dreams. I’m writing another chapter for my book this week, which is energizing me physically and emotionally.  It also helps when I can dress casual and just feel like “me” in the process.


I’ve noticed my pieces from forever 21, H&M etc. are priced great, but aren’t lasting me long. As I get older, I’ve been reaching for clothing of better quality- clothing that’s actually really comfortable. It’s also a huge WIN if I’m able to support other females in their ventures and dreams!


Clothe + Arrow has heard my cries for rad tees and jeans that fit like a dream. I can throw on a headband when I’ve worn a hat 5 days in a row and need a change. Clothe + Arrow is carrying the ever popular I’m With the Band Headbands. This tee is from the brand Dazey L.A. and it’s SO soft- but really- it’s worth it’s weight in gold. The cropped flares are stretchy(every woman’s dream amiright) and have distressing throughout, including some details on the bottom edging.

Stand for Something Tee

Cropped Flares


Jeffrey Campbell Amata- Tie Booties



Brandy, the founder of Clothe + Arrow, makes these cool leather bands to put around your bandanas. I used to use a ring when I wore my bandana around my neck, but now I have a way more realistic way to wear it- and I won’t lose my rings!



There’s a short trail just 5 minutes from my house that sits atop a hill. On the hill, there’s a vintage chair that’s been there for awhile and I’m guessing was a prop someone else left a long time ago. I figured I would take advantage of the beautiful weather and dreamy backdrop to show off this casual, rad, every-day look.


The Dazey tee reads, “Stand for Something”

I love this. I love that as a female I have a voice- moreso than women used to. I’m the Community Creation Pastor for TerraNova Church (seriously- come visit-you will never feel more welcomed anywhere else), and I feel blessed that I get to connect with people every week, love on High School students and maybe even be a witness to how God has moved in my life and challenged me to step up as a leader.

I’m stoked Clothe + Arrow chose to carry Dazey and support what the label represents.


I think if you are 5’5 or taller, these jeans will also fit you like a dream. I’m 5’7- definitely not a model build- and these still look and feel amazing.




How BOMB is this leather band with a bandana!?




Can we just take a second and give a    s l o w    clap  for my fierce facial expression? Anyone who knows me- knows I’m a total goof. Also, yes…. my hair is full of secrets.




Sunnies are from Wildfox Couture – but you can occasionally find their brand on sale at Nordstrom Rack



After I said my goodbyes to the hip vintage chair on the hill, I headed to the park with my husband, Zack so he could fly his drone and I could take an Americano break (iced, no room). If you follow me on instagram @ashley.neelands I hope you were entertained by the videos on my story- I was.


Make sure you check out Clothe + Arrow and all of the amazing brands she’s carrying and supporting. I love that there are so many strong-willed females out there who support instead of compete. Let’s keep it that way!

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